About Us

If you have dreamed of owning a magnificent, beautiful wild feline, then Bengal cats are the perfect pet for you. Witsend Cattery is an Ontario, CA, TICA register Bengal cat breeder raising only the most beautiful, athletic and loving kittens from the finest Bengal kings and queens.

This exotic breed combines the breathtaking, wild beauty of the jungle cat with the social, personable temperament of the domestic cat, giving you a truly unique and stunning pet that shows you love and affection.

The beauty of a Witsend Cattery Bengal is more than skin deep. While their silver, black, gold and brown leopard-like patterns make the Bengal a vision at first sight, their superior athleticism, intelligence, playfulness and loyalty make them your friends forever.

Witsend Cattery personally delivers adorable kittens across Canada, all with current shots, veterinary papers and TICA registration. Take a look at the Witsend Cattery Bengal kittens for sale and contact Witsend Cattery to bring a touch of the wild into your life.

We are members of:

Patrick Kelly’s Bengal Breed
Bengals Illustrated
International Bengal Cat Society